Panerai Luminor Daylight & Black Seal DLC 8 Days Acciaio Watch — Special Edition Set Replica Buyers Guide

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  • April 12, 2018
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By Jovan Krstevski

All the finishing seems to be machine-produced, but the edges of the plates as well as the countersinks are nicely beveled and polished nevertheless — adding a little flair to an otherwise quite technical looking motion. The P.5000 also includes an impressively low variety of components at just 127 in total.A power reserve indicator arguably could have been a wonderful component but would certainly have pushed up the cost and added sophistication. Therefore, in this instance and paired with all the 192-hour power book, I didn’t overlook it much.Price for the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio PAM561 is CHF 5,700, which will be CHF 1,200 dearer than the PAM630, that has essentially the same dial (distinct lume color and base logo at 6) but the OP I (ETA 6497) hand-wound motion as opposed to the P.5000. In other words, the P.5000 with its 8-day power book will run you an extra CHF 1,200 which, for anybody familiar with Swiss luxury watch pricing practices, really is not that big of a jump.Sticking with all the P.5000, Panerai has a wide range of alternatives into the PAM561 including the same watch with a black dial (PAM560) as well as a titanium-clad version (PAM562) for CHF 600 more.

Panerai’s popularity has surged ever since the movie “Daylight” and of course the pride of being the trademark of the prestigious Italian Navy. Who wouldn’t like the feel of a real hero’s watch? I fancy myself doing some crazy things with the watch’s rich historical footprints but what excites me more is the new engineering of the watch.


The Panerai special edition set is indeed an embodiment of Italian prestige and Swiss expertise. It is comprised of two great models inspired by the pre-Vendôme era or simply classical watches with lots of excellent history namely: the Luminor Black Seal and the Luminor Daylight. Stallone ordered a few of these special watches in the past and those designs now adorn this special edition set. I’m excited just thinking how manly these watches are plus they come with the prestigious “limited” label.


The case of the two watches are identical in size which is 44mm and clearly represents the classic Luminor 1950 case but with reinterpreted elements so that it becomes simpler and more powerful. What makes it so robust is the employment of the AISI 316L stainless steel coating. It is aptly adorned by the bridge-like design in the crown area made of brushed steel which not only heightens the aesthetics but enhances the watch’s water resistance up to 300m. The bezels and the lugs go hand in hand with the overall design of each model. The Luminor Black Seal case is covered by DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) testament to what it represents which is a robust watch that could withstand the tests of time while the Luminor Daylight is made of polished steel sporting the same strength.

The caseback is engraved with “Officine Panerai Firenze” and adorned by the OP logo. It is closed and made of the same DLC which is literally a vaporised carbon with a diamond structure layer so imagine just how strong that is.


The dial obviously goes with the overall design of each model but they are somehow identical if you take out the colours. Personally, I prefer the Luminor Daylight’s clear presentation of time with the numeric hour markers and detailed minute track but they both have the classical signature of Panerai which is the tiny seconds hand at 9’oclock. The Luminor Black Seal on the other hand is authentic on its naval symbolism which would be loved by the patriotic spirits in all of us.


The case and the distinguished dials of the watches are finally protected by the 2.55mm sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

The exciting part is the evolution in the technical specs of the new Luminors. The dramatic changes are behind the scenes so technically they boost the engineering prowess of the Luminors without sidestepping their overall classical resemblance.

The new Luminors are both powered by the latest hand-wound Panerai P.5000 calibre with 21 jewels and impressive 21,600 alternations/hour not to mention an anti-shock device and power reserve that could last for 8 days. There are only 127 components which counts greatly if you really want robustness in a watch – the less moving pieces, the better stability.

Let us talk about caliber P.5000 for a Moment. It’s a big engine: 2 mainspring barrels which you may easily see running in the two big stones, providing eight times of running time at 3hz/21,600 vph. The mainspring barrels operate in series, pushing torque through a very classically organized going train, together with the centre wheel visible via a large cutout in the plate. I guess technically speaking we would have to call this a 3/4 plate motion as the third wheel bridge is not really a bridge at the usual sense of the word, but rather the result of creating the cutout. This cutout plus the form of the main plate round the balance give a very aesthetically pleasing, but still utilitarian effect, which is totally suitable for what was, after all, initially intended to be an instrument watch, plain and simple. The going train is organized so that the fourth wheel is just opposite the crown, which is precisely where you’d find it into a pocket watch, and if you want a tiny seconds dial in which it might happen to be in one of the Angelus pocket watch powered Panerais all you need to do is run the wheel pivot through the dial and place a hand on it (which was exactly what Panerai Watch Expendables 3 Replica did with all the PAM 510).The equilibrium, which is held in place by a very sturdy looking bridge, seems a little small for the motion but then again, that is probably just because the motion’s so big; in 15 3/4 lignes, or just about 35.7 mm, it’s a pocket — watch as opposed to a wristwatch caliber (unless you’re at the bigger-than-average-wristwatch business, that Panerai manifestly is). Overall, we think that it’s an impressive bit of work — we’ve used the word hardy and sturdiness is really much the takeaway impression one has of this P.5000. The screws holding the equilibrium bridge in place run through threaded kayaks onto the bridge and may be used to adjust end-shake (the quantity of vertical “play” between the ends of the equilibrium staff as well as the endstones of this shock-jewel assembly.

Of course, nothing holds the watches better than the identical brown leather strap with contrasting ecru stitching and steel buckle with a particular hard black coating exuding elegance and sheer power.

Moreover, the new Luminors serve distinctive purposes for specialised needs but they both embody the classical Luminor feel albeit with the hidden engineering upgrades. For more info, please visit


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